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Files in this folder: Size (bytes): Modified:
+ AerosolLUT_1000_100_0.355_650bins_2325CRI_ln2rKr_Twomey_lidar.dat.md5 107 2021-07-07 15:35pm
+ AerosolLUT_1000_100_0.355_650bins_2325CRI_ln2rKr_Twomey_lidar.dat 18157136 2021-07-07 15:35pm
+ AerosolLUT_1000_100_0.355_650bins_2325CRI_ln2rKr_Twomey.mat.md5 101 2021-07-07 15:35pm
+ AerosolLUT_1000_100_0.355_650bins_2325CRI_ln2rKr_Twomey.mat 3286395719 2021-07-07 15:35pm
+ AerosolLUT_1000_100_0.355_650bins_2325CRI_ln2rKr_Twomey.dat.md5 101 2021-07-07 15:35pm
+ AerosolLUT_1000_100_0.355_650bins_2325CRI_ln2rKr_Twomey.dat 2986252136 2021-07-07 15:35pm
+ AerosolLUT_10000_100_0.355_150bins_2325CRI_ln2rKr_Twomey.dat 689150136 2021-07-07 15:35pm


Large area view.

Latitude: 37.1038
Longitude: -76.3872
Elevation: 3 m Above sea level

Scenes: urban, marsh, bay, river and farm.


  • The inner red circle is a 20km CERES foot print centered on the BSRN-LRC site.
  • The pink circle represents a possible tangential 20km foot print.
  • The middle red circle represents the area in which a 20km foot print could fall and still see the site.
  • Yellow is a sample 40 deg off nadir foot print.
  • The outer red circle is the region which would be seen by a possible 40 deg off nadir foot print.
The BSRN-LRC sun tracker at the NASA Langley Research Center on a snowy day (02/20/2015) The BSRN-LRC sun tracker at the NASA Langley Research Center on a snowy day (02/20/2015)

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