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Our group is dedicated to studying the atmosphere using laser remote sensing to better understand its chemical composition, radiation and dynamical processes that are influenced by both natural processes and human impacts. We participate in airborne field campaigns and satellite validation missions providing critical remote measurements of various types of aerosols, or small particles, and clouds in addition to traces gases such as ozone and water vapor. We use the advanced techniques and technology to collectively measure vertical distribution of O3, H20, aerosols and clouds from near the surface to the upper troposphere along the aircraft flight track. The lidar provides the full vertical extent of these key atmospheric species, which is critical to improving our understanding of transport processes, chemical evolution and the radiative effects within our atmosphere. In addition, these measurements are incorporated with the more complete suite of in situ gas and aerosol measurements made at the aircraft altitude resulting in a powerful combination of observations to better understand the broad range of atmospheric investigations made by NASA and our partners.

We use various techniques to study the atmosphere, including DIAL (Differential Absorption Lidar), HSRL (High Spectral Resolution Lidar) and LASE (Lidar Atmospheric Sensing Experiment).

The DIAL instrument measures ozone and aerosol/cloud profiles, and the LASE instrument measures water vapor and aerosol/cloud profiles. In 2012, HSRL capabilities were incorporated into the airborne DIAL system providing additional and more quantitative multi-wavelength measurements of aerosol and cloud backscatter (355nm, 532nm, 1064nm), extinction (532nm), and depolarization (355nm, 532nm, 1064nm), simultaneously in both directions above and below the aircraft. The combined DIAL/HSRL instrument maintained its capability to measure high accuracy ozone profiles using the DIAL technique.

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