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The NASA Langley Aerosol Research Group Experiment (LARGE)

LARGE Program Aircraft LARGE is based in the Chemistry and Dynamics Branch of the Science Directorate at NASA's Langley Research Center. We specialize in making in situ aerosol and cloud measurements and conducting research to improve understanding of atmospheric aerosols and their interactions with water vapor. We also take part in model and remote sensor validation studies and assessments of the environmental impacts of human activities. Our work supports both NASA Science Mission Directorate and Aeronautics Mission Directorate research goals and initiatives. Our team is a blend of civil servants, contractors, post-doctoral fellows and graduate students and is composed of experts in aerosol and cloud science, meteorology, chemistry, instrument construction and operation, airborne in situ measurement techniques, and computerized data acquisition and analysis. LARGE maintains an extensive suite of aerosol, cloud, trace gas and meteorological sensors for use in both ground and airborne applications.