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The LARGE Instrument Suite

LARGE Instrument Suite Aerosol Concentrations:
  • Ultrafine, Total and Nonvolatile number densities
  • Cloud Condensation Nuclei (CCN) number as function of saturation
Aerosol Size:
  • Mobility, optical and aerodynamic sizing instruments
  • Size range from 0.003 to 20 µm diameters
Optical Properties:
  • Multi-wavelength Scattering, Absorption and Extinction Coefficients
  • Water soluble brown-carbon absorption
  • Single Scattering Albedo
  • Angstrom Exponents
  • Scattering and Extinction Hygroscopicity (f(RH))
Aerosol Composition:
  • Size-dependent, Nonrefractory composition (HR-ToF-AMS)
  • Water-soluble anions and cations (PILS-IC)
  • Water-soluble organics (PILS-TOC)
  • Black Carbon (SP2)
Cloud Properties:
  • Cloud particle size (wing-mounted probes)
  • Liquid and total cloud water content
  • Particle images and depolarization (wing probes)
Combustion Tracers:
  • CO, CO2, NO, NO2, NOx, SO2, THC, H2O
  • 3-D Winds, dew point, lightning, H2O’, T’, U’V’W’, CO2’, CN’