TC4 DIAL & LASE Aerosol, Ozone, and Water Vapor Distributions

(Real-time images completed, post-mission analysis in progress)


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All data and images are subject to change without notice.

06/28/07    Flight 01    Test Flight #1 DIAL-01  and  LASE-01

06/30/07    Flight 02    Test Flight #2 DIAL-02  and  LASE-02

07/02/07    Flight 03    Test Flight #3 DIAL-03  and  LASE-03

07/13/07    Flight 04    Transit: California to Costa Rica DIAL-04   and  LASE-04

07/17/07    Flight 05    Clouds and Volcanic Outflow DIAL-05   and  LASE-05

07/21/07    Flight 06    Volcanic Plumes & Saharan Dust DIAL-06   and  LASE-06

07/22/07    Flight 07    Clouds, Clouds & CALIPSO DIAL-07   and  LASE-07

07/24/07    Flight 08    Cloud Inflow & Outflow DIAL-08   and  LASE-08

07/28/07    Flight 09    Saharan Dust Fate DIAL-09   and  LASE-09

07/29/07    Flight 10    Stratus, Volcanic Plumes & CALIPSO DIAL-10   and  LASE-10

07/31/07    Flight 11    Cirrus Shield & MBL  DIAL-11   and  LASE-11

08/03/07    Flight 12    B57 Rendezvous, Cirrus Shield, CLOUDSAT & CALIPSO DIAL-12   and  LASE-12

08/05/07    Flight 13    Cirrus Shield & Boundary Layer Run DIAL-13   and  LASE-13

08/06/07    Flight 14    Galapagos Run: ITCZ, Sub-Visible Cirrus & MLS  DIAL-14   and  LASE-14

08/08/07    Flight 15    Cirrus Sampling, Boundary Layer Input & Jungle Emissions  DIAL-15   and  LASE-15

08/10/07    Flight 16    Costa Rica to Sacramento, CA  DIAL-16   and  LASE-16


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