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LITE Data User's Guide Topics
Data Format and Sample Read Programs
Level 1 Data Parameters
Measurement Location Plots
Modes of Operation
LITE Instrument Setting Overview
LITE Measurement Geometry
How LITE Measurements Were Made
How LITE Data Were Acquired During the Mission
A Description of LITE Data Processing


LITE Data User's Guide

LITE measured clouds, tropospheric aerosols, stratospheric aerosols, the planetary boundary layer (PBL), and the surface of earth during during both the day and night conditions.

Commands were issued to optimize the LITE configuration for each of these studies.

Users of LITE data must consider all the instruments settings before effectively using the LITE data.

This page serves as a guide to help select and use the LITE data.

Begin by reviewing the two tables below.

Table 1 contains questions a user must consider before using LITE data and provides links to the appropriate LITE web pages for the answers.

Table 2 provides links to LITE web pages that contain information about LITE operations and the LITE data.

Question Answer
How do I access the LITE data? Access LITE data from the NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC).

The LaRC DAAC Web address:

Select this link and go directly to the LaRC DAAC Web Page.

How do I obtain a description of the LITE data? Descriptions of LITE data:
  1. The archived LITE data product consists of:

    • Level 1 lidar profiles for three wavelengths (355 nm, 532 nm, 1064 nm) and
    • corresponding header information.

    Topics which describe LITE level 1 data product:

  2. Browse products, color images of the lidar profiles and photographs from the LITE camera, are available.

    • LITE Images - Contains color images of the LITE data.
    • LITE Photos - Contains photographs of the surface coincident with LITE daytime measurements.
    • Photos and Images. - Contains photographs of the surface and corresponding LITE images.
How do I determine where LITE observations were made? Locating LITE Measurements - Contains plots of the LITE measurement coverage.
Under what conditions were LITE measurements made? LITE measurements were made during both daytime and nighttime conditions. LITE was also selectively commanded to make surface and/or atmospheric measurements. The commanding was done real-time during the mission.

Modes of Operation - Describes what type of measurement was made and what the instrument settings were for each orbit.

What do I need to know about the instrument settings before using LITE data? Instrument Settings Overview - Describes how to use the LITE instrument settings parameters.

TABLE 2 - LITE Operations, Data Acquisition, and Data Processing
LITE Measurement Geometry Page Topics:
How LITE Measurements Were Made Page Topics:
How LITE Data Were Acquired During the Mission Page Topics:
A Description of LITE Data Processing Page Topics: